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Users love Liza for its clarity.

You will not want to go back to your old messenger.

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The beta phase has begun.

Liza is a big project. In the next few months, many more features will be added.


Modern design. Because it just works better.

We have tweaked every pixel so you can work more efficiently.

Screenshot: The beautiful and intuitive interface

Made in Germany, hosted in Germany

When privacy is decisive: Our servers are in Germany and comply with strict European laws. Better safe than sorry.

Message preview

See new messages in the sidebar without opening the conversation. You can decide in advance what is important and what is not.

Quick change with tabs

Same as the browser: Use the tabs at the top to switch between ongoing conversations. After all, you have more than one colleague.


You remember a message you saw recently - but you do not remember where? In the timeline you will find it again immediately.

Show format

Make messages look clearer. Beginners will like the convenient formatting buttons. Also supports Markdown.

Boards with subboards

Projects and other topics can be sorted according to customer and year, for example. Everything neat and tidy.

The whole company united

All teams and departments can work together in one central workspace - without getting mixed up.

Your logo, your colors

The design is so flexible that it adapts to any company. Your team will feel welcome immediately.

Set up your team in 2 minutes.

Free - no credit card required.